Learn Data Science Skills for use on the Job and for Social Impact

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DigitalC’s Learning Studios offers relevant, accessible, and tactical data and data analytics skills courses that are immediately useful on the job.

Professionals and individuals learn how to manage, interpret and put into practical use the vast amounts of data available in their fields today. Organizations are taking advantage of the Learning Studios courses by bringing this training to their staffs so they can learn how to use data in their daily operations to make better and strategic decisions.

Empower Employees to Solve Pressing Problems

Organizations choose from data analytics courses to give employees skills in the field

Choose Flexible Scheduling

Ongoing classes of short-term, non-degree courses offered for company employees and individual professionals

Take Courses that Make Data Meaningful

Open the door to relevant data science skills: Design Thinking; R; Python; Carto; DataSmart Bootcamp

Network with Growing Community of Data Professionals

Meet and build lasting and working relationships with other professionals who use real-world data for social change.

Enroll in An Engaging Learning Environment

Courses are designed for company employees to use data to make an impact, individual professionals who want to improve skills and students who want to learn more.

Learn from Professional, Real-World Experts

Our instructors are experts in their fields with real experience in data analytics, design thinking, and problem-solving.